Pop Mart are mini figures, of Chinese origin, which in recent years have become one of the trendiest pop culture items on the market, not only in China but all over the world.

The design figures industry, born two decades ago, has exploded in China only in recent years among young people. The design figures integrate different concepts such as art, design, painting, fashion and modern sculpture. They are small, adorable, what in Japanese is called kawaii, and generate in the viewer a reaction of “love at first sight”.

Pop Mart, which sells “Blind boxes”, is a box containing a unique minifigure, designed by different designers or artists. Pop Mart has secured its place as the leader of the Chinese designer toy market in China. According to a survey of 500 Gen Zers, 86.5% preferred the Pop Mart blind box.

The new forms of trendy toys range from building blocks, BJD (Ball Joint Doll), cotton dolls to action figures; pink and cutie styles have become less popular as other various aesthetic expressions including mysterious, mechanical hybrid, and dark style have become more fashionable. This is one of the reasons why various toy companies have increased the market supply of diversified trendy toy products starting in 2021. Including collectible toys, blind boxes, figures, assembled models, transforming Mechas, GK Statues and other diversified categories, these will be a new opportunity market of RMB 100 billion.

There are Pop Mart of all types but they can be classified into 5 major design lines:

– The first is the Molly line created by Kenny Wong. Originally inspired by a little girl, this mini figure has emerald eyes and a pouting mouth. Molly can be found in various versions and since her debut has won the hearts of numerous fans who have made her one of the most famous figures in pop culture.

Pucky is the Pop Mart series made by Pucky. It owes its name to Puck, a character in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, inspired by the British mythology figure of the same name. Represents the convergence of fantasy and the real world. Pucky’s creations are mainly based on the exploration of nature and the spiritual world, with the aim of being able to discover more about this lonely but always warm world.

– Then we have Kasing Lung’s The Monsters line, the first Chinese winner of the Illustration Award in Belgium, who launched it in 2010 after deciding to leave his career as a professional illustrator to become a toy designer. The line was born from the collaboration with How2work, a renowned toy brand in Hong Kong.

The Satyr Rory series by Korean artist Seulgie Lee, an adorable character based on a mythical Greek satyr. Satyr Rory has hair like cotton candy, eyes lit by stars and beautiful pastel colors, definitely in contrast to the original figure of the satyr.

– Finally we have the Dimoo World series, created by Ayan, is inspired by the beauty of fantasy. Dimoo is a little boy who decides to venture into the real world, but he loses his way.

Collaborations with brands:

Doing business in China is becoming more and more difficult and sophisticated, many international brands often resort to the concept of “localization”, or the choice of adopting local habits and customs for their marketing strategy. This method remains the winning method for the Chinese market and it is no coincidence that an internationally renowned brand like Moncler has chosen to create the Space Molly Moncler Pop Mart to advertise its winter line.

Moncler was not the only one to approach this type of marketing, in fact also other brands such as L’Oréal, Häagen Dazs and Kiehl’s, have become a sign of Pop Mart’s success, recording revenues of 60% more than the previous year. .

Pop Mart certainly represents a good marketing strategy for all brands that intend to enter the Chinese market, as they make the product in question more friendly and easier to sell to the majority of the spending Chinese public, among which the most important slice is undoubtedly represented by Gen Z which remains the main consumer of trendy toys. The increase in the number of enterprises in the designer toy market has put more importance on brand recognition. New Chinese fashion toy brands want to tell a new story to become the next market leader.



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