In 1949, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the government has recognized International Women’s Day and made it an official holiday. China celebrates International Women’s Day every year in several ways, including granting women a half day off work, discounts on women’s products, and much more. As the tradition becomes more and more popular and China has made great strides towards gender equality in the 21st Century, many companies are providing female employees with additional benefits. 

Every major e-commerce platform and brand holds sales promotions to commemorate the occasion. Digital red envelopes and live streaming format are a not-to-be-missed opportunity, one of the most popular forms of social commerce and consumer-facing digital innovations. Most of them put a strong effort into exclusive membership plans to build platform loyalty and give their members even more benefits. Participating in Women’s Day campaigns on e-commerce platforms like Tmall and JD.com helps businesses attract female consumers. Effective marketing strategies include eye-catching advertising, exclusive discounts, and influencer collaborations. Taobao’s Women’s Day campaign last year drew an audience of 70 million viewers and generated 2.8 billion RMB in sales. Brands can also leverage Douyin’s advertising formats, like hashtag challenges and influencer collaborations, to build brand awareness and encourage the sharing of user-generated content. For instance, Chinese beauty brand Florasis used Douyin’s livestreaming services last year to promote its new products. These campaigns provide businesses with the opportunity to attract new customers and build loyalty among existing ones.

Iconic chocolate manufacturer Hershey’s Chocolate has launched limited-edition chocolate bars to honour the upcoming celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8. Under the theme of “HERSHE”, the American chocolate brand tells the inspirational stories of three distinguished Chinese women who have made positive contributions to society: volunteer teacher Wan Lijun, wildlife photographer Xu Keyi, and young artist Wu Xixia.

Personalization, such as through tailored product recommendations, customer service, and exclusive access to events, is another effective approach to engage women consumers. Building an emotional connection with these consumers can increase loyalty and foster long-term customer relationships.


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